Pet dog Max recovers after rottweiler bite

ATTACK David Jones with his dog Max who was attacked by rottweilers.
ATTACK David Jones with his dog Max who was attacked by rottweilers.
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A PENSIONER has told of the shock of seeing his beloved pet dog Max attacked by four rottweilers.

Great-grandfather David Jones was walking his Jack Russell, Max, in Wicor Recreation Ground in Fareham on Sunday, November 3 at 11.30am when the attack happened.

The 73-year-old said: ‘I’d just gone over the park to walk the dog and we had only gone around 300 yards when I saw this chap and his female friend with five rottweilers.

‘Four were off the lead and running around.

‘They came over to my little dog and he gave a growl.

‘Next thing one comes flying at him and then they all dived in.

‘Luckily, I got him away. I was kicking them.

‘I got my leg between them but there was so much of a struggle.

‘They didn’t go for me but all I could think about was getting Max home or to the vets.

‘He was in a sorry state. I didn’t think to get the owners’ names and addresses.’

David, who lives in Fareham, said that when he was getting into the car, the woman came over to apologise but he said he was in so much of a rush to get to the vets, he just brushed her aside.

Max had been viciously bitten on his back, and on his stomach, and had to stay in the vets for two days, at a cost of more than £300.

David said: ‘It has really upset my wife Judith.’

Now, 12-year old Max is back at home and recovering from the incident, but is still bruised and swollen.

David said he was nervous to go out for the first time afterwards.

He added: ‘It has been reported to the police but they said they could not do anything as I don’t have any witnesses and I did not get the owners’ names or addresses. I’d like to hear from anyone who could help me.’

David also said he wanted to warn people to keep their dogs under control when in public.

He said: ‘My dog was not on the lead, but their dogs were running about all over the place and they are big, scary dogs.

‘And in a pack. When one goes they all attack.

‘They should not have been off the lead.

‘If it was a child they attacked, then they would be lucky to still be alive. I’m just glad it was not one of my grandchildren.’