Pet Sematary was tense for all the wrong reasons – Cheryl Gibbs

We took our 18-year-old niece to the cinema on Wednesday to watch the new horror movie Pet Sematary which is a remake of the 1983 movie of the same name by Stephen King.

Thursday, 25th April 2019, 6:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th April 2019, 6:08 pm
Cheryl had a tense time watching Pet Sematary - for the wrong reasons

We love the original so while I didn’t think the new film would be a patch on that, Millie wanted to see it so we took her.

I booked the tickets in advance and we picked her up and went to the 6pm showing at Vue in Gunwharf.

As it was a treat for Easter we let her pick what she wanted from the food counter and we all went in with nachos and drinks.

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It was a nice little get together which is rare these days with everyone being so busy and Millie being, well, 18, and having her own life.

I’d love to tell you if the film is as good as the original, but I can’t because I was so preoccupied for most of it by what was going on in the auditorium.

I barely watched the movie – nor did many other people either. I’ve never been to such a tense screening before.

Firstly, a couple sitting behind us talked the entire time, then got up and left twice, only to return 10 minutes later.

This promoted the girls sitting next to us to start shouting at them to be quiet – quite rightly.

Then the row adjacent to us started chatting and we ignored it, but then a couple two rows in front of us got their phones out throughout the entire second half of the film – lighting up the whole theatre.

I politely got up and asked them to at least dim the screen to which they started mouthing back at me and the woman started swearing. 

It was not at all a pleasant experience. We may as well have thrown £40 down the drain.

The manager at Vue did give us a refund of our tickets, but it’s not really the point. 

If you want to go to the cinema to watch a film, then please blimin’ well do that – watch the film.

Surely as a society we’re not at the point where people can’t put their phones down for two hours without checking them constantly!?  I’m outraged…

A good dose of summer is what we all need right now

I’m pretty sure I have SAD. You know, the sunlight deficiency syndrome that makes you feel down when the sun isn’t shining? 

Over the weekend when the sun was shining I was so happy and I felt healthy and content.

Fast forward a few days and the weather’s turned and a grey sky looms above, I find myself just dropping my shoulders and feeling, well, rubbish.

I love it here. The south coast is by far the best place to live, in my opinion. We get the best of both worlds – the countryside living, the city life and the seaside, but everything is so much better when the sun is in the sky.

Please let us have a good summer, I need it, as do you, I’m sure.

Who can I pin blame on for scoffing cheap choc eggs? 

There should be a law that as soon as Easter bank holiday is over, the shops withdraw Easter eggs from the shelves to save those of us who have little self-control from over-indulging.

Matt went food shopping on Monday and came back with three Easter eggs – three! 

Apparently the two small ones were reduced to 50p and the large one was half price at £3.

I totally understand the rationale behind this.

However, it’s not even the weekend yet and all three eggs have been scoffed.

This is not good and quite frankly I blame the shops. Naturally I can’t blame myself so I have to blame someone.

I need to have more willpower, clearly.