Peter Andre befriends dying teenager

Nadine Blake with Peter Andre.
Nadine Blake with Peter Andre.
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POP star Peter Andre has brightened a terminally-ill teenager’s life by taking time out to meet her,

Nadine Blake, 18, has been told she has just months to live as her cystic fibrosis has become so severe doctors say there is nothing more they can do for her.

One of her dreams has always been to meet the Australian hunk and last month it came true.

After her family got in touch with him he invited them all to his concert in Bournemouth and spent hours chatting to them, giving Nadine, of Calshott Road, Warren Park, support and encouragement.

They hit it off so well he invited the family to his Brighton gig last week.

Mum Becky said: ‘It was a bit overwhelming at first. He was so kind.

‘Our first meeting had to be postponed because he lost his brother but when we did meet him all his other brothers were there.

‘He gave Nadine a cuddle and was talking to her for ages.

‘He is exactly how you see him on the television.

‘He is so down to earth and genuine, absolutely lovely.

‘Pete made Nadine feel so special.

‘He told her any time she feels low or down, no matter what time of day, she should call him.

‘He said to me to get in touch with him immediately if anything happens to her.’

Nadine was told in November she only had six months to live.

She takes more than 60 tablets a day to numb the pain caused by complications of cystic fibrosis, including diabetes, osteoporosis, cirrhosis of the liver and asthma.

She has also had a stroke and is fed through a tube in her stomach overnight.

Nadine’s friendship with Peter has brightened her world.

She said: ‘It’s been amazing. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

‘The time he has dedicated to me has been really good.

‘Meeting him and telling him my story seemed to have a big impact on him.

‘He met me and my family backstage and wanted to take us all back to his room upstairs.

‘He said a lot to me – it was all words of encouragement and to stay positive.

Nadine was too unwell to have a lung transplant but she supports the donor register.

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