Peter hopes his Pompey smarts make him a winner

READING UP Peter Russell will answer Pompey questions on Mastermind
READING UP Peter Russell will answer Pompey questions on Mastermind
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WOULD your Pompey knowledge stand up to a grilling on Mastermind?

One devoted football fan is so confident of remembering Pompey facts that he has taken a seat in the iconic leather chair.

Peter Russell, 59, will appear on the famous quiz show tomorrow night – and the club is his specialist 

Peter went to his first Pompey game when he was 11 years old and living in Fareham, and has remained a devoted fan ever since.

So when he was given the chance to appear on the hit BBC show, the history of the club was naturally one of his chosen specialist 

Peter is remaining tight-lipped about how well he did on the show, and even his parents do not know his score.

He said: ‘It was a great experience and I am really glad I did it.

‘The production team were really friendly.

‘John Humphrys was obviously icy but that’s all part of what Mastermind is about.

‘I felt quite proud to be putting Pompey in the limelight as a life-long supporter.

‘It has been an ideal chance to highlight the proud history of one of the great clubs of English football.’

Although Peter moved away from the area in the 1970s, he has remained a loyal fan. He has been supporting Pompey since the mid-1960s and has seen the club in all four 

He is also one of the thousands of fans who have invested in making Pompey the biggest fan-owned club in the 

When he lived in Germany for a while, his mother would send him a copy of the Sports Mail every week.

He retired from a career in local government last year.

Peter added: ‘I always fancied going on Mastermind, and the history of Pompey was one of my proposals in my application, so I was delighted when the topic was accepted.’

Mastermind will be aired tomorrow at 8pm on BBC Two.