Phyllis says goodbye after 31 years behind Post Office counter

Post Office counter clerks from left, Phyllis Stacey, Barbara Tweed, Julia Grant and Valerie Jenkins
Post Office counter clerks from left, Phyllis Stacey, Barbara Tweed, Julia Grant and Valerie Jenkins
  • Phyllis Stacey joined the Post Office in 1984
  • Was postmistress then officer in charge of Tesco branch
  • Scores of people turned out to say goodbye to her as she retired on Friday
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GRANDMOTHER Phyllis Stacey has sold her last stamp after 31 years with the Post Office.

She started working in Farlington in 1984 and became postmistress of the branch.

She was the finest postmistress in the town

Brian Harwood

Several years ago it was bought by Tesco and the 66-year-old has been officer in charge until her retirement yesterday.

There were emotional scenes as customers streamed in to say their goodbyes to much-loved Phyllis at her leaving party.

Asked what she’d enjoyed about her role, she said; ‘I love my job and I love the people. I love the communication I have with them.

‘It’s like a small community in here. Although we cover a big area, we still get “Mrs Bloggs” in here telling us about her leg. I always ask how everyone is and they love that and they always come back.’

She added: ‘I’ve seen whole families grow up. A little boy made his mum come in because he wanted to say goodbye to me. It’s touching to have seen all these people.’

Customers brought in presents, bouquets and lots of cakes to celebrate Phyllis’ last day.

Bridget Gerry, of Havant Road, has known Phyllis since the 1980s.

She said that what she was most impressed by was Phyllis’ ‘marvellous way with people, particularly with the elderly’.

As a result of her hard work, Mrs Gerry explained that Phyllis was given a nickname.

She said: ‘She is our Farlington sunflower. She brightens everyone’s day.’

Tearful Kate Cottee, of Grant Road, said: ‘She’s a stalwart of the community and will be missed.’

Brian Harwood, of First Avenue, said there was nobody better to run a Post Office.

He added: ‘I worked with Phyllis when she was a postmistress at a small, local Post Office. She was the finest in the town.’

Phyllis has no plans to put her feet up and instead will be working on her allotment. The Pompey fan is also looking forward to a five-week holiday in Australia with her husband Ray, when they will visit their son.