Plea for help after parrot goes missing

APPEAL Zoe and daughter Abbie
APPEAL Zoe and daughter Abbie
Pupils from Cliffdale Primary Academy

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A DISTRAUGHT family are appealing for help after their pet parrot went missing.

Daisy, an African Grey bird, flew away from her home in Cowplain on Saturday, May 18, and has not been seen by her owners since.

They have spent more than 60 hours since then desperately trying to find her.

They’ve not had any luck despite putting up posters, speaking to local people and putting an advert in The News.

Zoe Marriott, 39, said: ‘Daisy is such a huge part of our family, and we are all missing her so much.

We cannot believe all of the help and support that the local community have offered us in our quest to find her.

‘It has brought out a real community spirit in the local area.

‘People who hardly even know us keep coming up to us when they see us searching, asking if we have found her yet and tell us that they are still looking and listening out.

‘It really is so kind of them.’

The parrot has several distinguishing features that make her easily identifiable to her owner.

The family are offering a reward to anyone who has any information.

‘We shared so much together each and every day,’ Mrs Marriott said.

‘I even took her out on her harness on sunny days and we played special parrot puzzles that I bought for her in the evenings too.

‘It’s likely that she is missing me as much as I am missing her, and feeling pretty miserable right now.

‘We are so desperate to find her and are all so worried that she is OK.’

Mrs Marriott says that anyone with information about Daisy’s whereabouts should contact the police or her husband Shaun Smith on 07879 667 355.