Plea made for owners to get pets chipped

A CAT welfare charity has repeated a request to owners to get their pets microchipped.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 6th June 2016, 6:00 am

Cats Protection groups in the area fear too many animals are losing their homes due to not being microchipped.

Nicky Davies, who is responsible for rehoming cats at Fareham Cats Protection, said that ‘cats should absolutely be microchipped’.

She said: ‘Cats are crafty and will often roam around, sometimes venturing into other’s houses. We have had cases where cats would potentially be adopted into another family due to their frequent visits. If they were microchipped we would be ably to scan them free of charge and return them to their owner.’

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At Portsmouth Cats Protection a cat was found three years after the owner had long given up hope for its return.

Through the microchip the cat was able to be returned at last to its owner safe and sound.

‘Unless the cats are pedigree, almost none are microchipped,’ said Ray Chalk of Portsmouth Cats Protection.

‘I wish all domestic pets had to be microchipped as it can reunite pets with their owners.’