Please help us find Gizmo

Gizmo the missing parrot
Gizmo the missing parrot
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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A DESPERATE search is on to find a missing parrot which brightened the lives of elderly residents at a sheltered housing block.

The 14-month-old grey and red bird was so much part of Somerville Court in Waterlooville that he would sit on the shoulders of residents in the communal lounge, making them laugh by mimicking them.

His owner Jackie Stoddart, the live-in warden, was left devastated when she popped into her garden, joined by Gizmo, but he suddenly flew off rather than sitting with her and husband Clive as usual.

They do not know what spooked him but he has not been seen since, despite searches across the area by family and friends.

Resident Diana Simpson, 74, said: ‘He is lovely and gentle and very tame. He comes to all our dos at the court and walks along our shoulders.

‘He is brilliant at imitating Clive – he has him off to a T.

‘He even calls out the names of Clive and Jackie’s grandchildren and mimics the telephone.

‘We all miss him so much and really hope he comes back safely.’

The family have put posters up and flyers through people’s doors.

There have been a couple of sightings but they have come to nothing.

Jackie said: ‘I can’t tell you how upset we all are.

‘He was the light of all our lives. He mimics the sound of my bleeper going off – which is going to be very annoying to someone if they’ve got him.

‘In the communal room he would go on the backs of all the chairs making everyone laugh.

‘If you say hello to him he’ll climb up on your shoulder.

‘They all miss home so much. We were due to go on holiday next week but we’ve had to cancel it.

‘Diana was going to “birdysit” for us and was really looking forward to it as she grew up with an African grey.

‘I was hoping he would appear but with the weather like this we’re really, really worried. He knows nothing of the big wide world.

‘We don’t know how he will cope.’

A reward is on offer to anyone who manages to find Gizmo.

Call 07773 463156 or 07806 936238 if you have any information.