Police called as Christmas lights spark traffic chaos

The Christmas lights at Hedge End
The Christmas lights at Hedge End
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POLICE were called to deal with traffic congestion after hundreds of people flocked to see Christmas lights in a Hampshire street.

The displays on homes in Greyhound Close, Hedge End, were turned off last night at the request of police because of the number of people who had arrived.

The lights have grown in popularity since residents began the annual displays 10 years ago to raise money for Naomi House children’s hospice in Winchester. So far, more than £300,000 has been raised.

A Hampshire Police spokesman said: ‘Some local residents reported concerns about traffic congestion due to the numbers of motorists visiting Christmas lights.’

The police action was criticised by some on Facebook.

Hanna Robinson said: ‘I think this is a disgusting and disrespectful status from Hampshire constabulary.

‘The residents in this road have come together as a community to raise money for Naomi House charity, and all the police can do is worry about a bit of congestion for a few nights.’

Fallon Pack said: ‘Are they going to shut all the shops in town too then because the roads are congested getting in and out of town?’

And Laura Blake said: ‘It would be nice for the police to make a voluntary contribution to Naomi House to make up for the funds these terminally ill children will lose out as a result of this decision!’

Police said they would work with residents to try to resolve further traffic problems.

Householder Paul Salter said: ‘For those that are genuinely interested on whether we are open for future visits, please visit greyhoundclose.co.uk

Go here to make a Christmas lights donation.