Police called to deal with troublesome swan

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IT could have been a routine call about anti-social behaviour and a young male hissing and spitting in the street – but this time police officers had to deal with a difficult swan.

Neighbours in Rampart Gardens, Hilsea, Portsmouth, were surprised to see the bird sitting in the middle of their road at 8.30am yesterday.

SITTING DUCK Police deal with the rogue swan

SITTING DUCK Police deal with the rogue swan

They were concerned for its safety because it was hissing and blocking traffic so called police.

By the time a police car and van arrived the creature had waddled to the end of the street and perched itself on the pavement outside the home of Connie Jeffery, 61.

Her daughter Kim Bobik, 37, looked after the creature and fed it some bread before three officers snuck up from behind and put a blanket over its head. They put the swan into a van and drove it to Hilsea Lido and released it.

Kim said: ‘I could see it hissing so I came out with some bread. It seemed pretty chilled out after I fed it. I didn’t want to see it being harmed.’

Alex Binyon, 31, who called the police, said: ‘I have never seen a swan here before.

‘But this is a wildlife area which is home to lots of different creatures.’

The swan, which wasn’t injured, had been spotted by motorists near Hilsea roundabout and Military Road earlier in the morning.

PC Kieren Mansell, who dealt with the situation with his colleagues PC Nikki Goode and PC Alan Hunter, saw the funny side of things and joked that the swan had been a ‘fowl disruption’.

PC Mansell said: ‘Police received a report of a swan in the road at Hilsea roundabout at around 8.15am.

‘When we arrived, there was no sign of the bird.

‘We received further calls just before 9am about a swan being aggressive and hissing at members of the public in Military Road and Rampart Gardens. As a police officer, you never know exactly when you may have to react and come face-to-face with the unexpected and unusual.

‘The swan was not injured so it was “detained” by officers carefully placing a blanket over the bird, which was carried to a police van.

‘Police would like to thank members of the public for their patience and good humour in helping officers solve this most fowl disruption to the community.’