Police deliver withering put down on BMW driver who ‘aquaplaned’ off M3 due to bald tyres

A CAR which ‘aquaplaned’ off the M3 before ploughing into bushes crashed because it had two bald tyres – resulting in a withering put down by Hampshire police.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 2:01 pm

But while emergency services said the driver of the BMW was ‘fortunate’ not to escape more harm following the crash near junction 11, heading southbound, the police were quick to point out they had slapped the driver with a number of punishments.

It means the driver of the car will now have to pay a fine and will be dished up with penalty points on their licence – as well as have to buy a new car with the BMW apparently a write-off.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said on its Twitter feed: ‘Fortunately on this occasion we only had to provide scene safety.’

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Meanwhile, Hampshire police’s roads unit delivered a brutal put down on the driver. ‘BMW Aquaplaned off the motorway. Reason - two bald tyres. Result = fine, points and a new car,’ the authority said on its Twitter account.

Cops then added a hashtag: ‘Check your tyres.’

BMW crash
Pic: Hants Road Policing
BMW crash Pic: Hants Road Policing