Pompey fan’s joy as he nets £1m lottery prize

Jason Jagodzinski celebrates his �1m Lottery win at Fratton Park

A POMPEY fan has told of the moment he leapt with joy after winning a life-changing pot of cash.

Jason Jagodzinsk, 38, won £1m in the EuroMillions and now plans to upgrade his Pompey season ticket to the ‘posh seats’.

He had picked up a lottery ticket from The Co-Op, on Highlands Road in Fareham, last month.

But he was stunned after getting it checked only to find he had won £1m.

A shop worker who checked his ticket told yard manager Jason he had won big – checking the National Lottery’s phone app to see the prize.

Jason said: ‘I was completely stunned, and then I had a little jump around to celebrate. All the other shoppers in the shop were cheering for me and slapping me on the back, it was an amazing moment.’

He hopes to secure his family’s future with the cash. First and foremost I need to make sure that those close to me are looked after,’ he said.

‘There’ll be some silliness, a trip to Disneyland for all the kids in the family, an upgrade on my car to a Ford Focus RS – before I could only afford the ST. And next season my brother and I will be watching Pompey play from the posh seats.

‘Other than that I’m not sure what my next step will be but it’s exciting to know that whatever I decide, the money is there to give me the freedom and security to do it.’

It comes after Pompey fan Tanya Smith last month scooped £100,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard.

When Jason had the ticket checked on February 25 he still went to work.

He said: ‘The snow was coming down pretty heavy so the boss decided we’d close early but nobody wanted to leave until I’d had the call back from Camelot to confirm the win.

‘We were all in the office and it was silent as I spoke to the lady from Camelot. When she said “I can confirm you are a millionaire” I gave a thumbs up and everyone cheered, and I don’t mind saying I had tears in my eyes.’

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