Pompey fans see red over Spinnaker Tower’s proposed new colours

Artist's impression of how the Spinnaker Tower would look after it repainting
Artist's impression of how the Spinnaker Tower would look after it repainting
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Pompey supporters have voiced their opinion on the proposed new red and white colour scheme for the Spinnaker Tower.

The first images of the rebranding of the tower were shown today at a press conference to confirm that the Emirates airline has signed a deal with Portsmouth City Council.

And Pompey fans have taken to social media to voice their disapproval at plans to paint the tower in the colours of rival football club Southampton.

Twitter user @no1son said: ‘No way can they paint it red?!? Southampton FC will be laughing about that!’

And fan @Pompey_1976 added: ‘will never take my family up that with red on - No way’

Chairman of the Portsmouth Football Club Hall of Fame commitee Jake Payne told The News:‘It’s ridiculous, it will give [Southampton] a hold on us without even trying.

‘We are the home of the Royal Navy we should be associated with the colour blue.

‘I know they are doing it for the money but I don’t understand why they can’t just leave it as it is.

‘The coucil should stand up for themsleves. It’s not just about the Pompey team, Portsmouth is a naval city, red should be nowhere near it.’

Chair of the Pompey Pals Project charity Bob Beech said: ‘I think the council needs to go back to school and understand what the city is about.

‘I really admire Donna and the work the council does but this is not so clever.

‘I know money talks and it will bring in much-needed money but this won’t go down well with people.

‘I’ve heard people say that we should boycott the tower, boycott the Emirates but I’m not sure how you could do that.’