Pompey legend Barry Harris on ‘Pompey slang’

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PORTSMOUTH legend Barry Harris has given a helpful lesson on understanding ‘Pompey slang.’

In the video above, Barry, who is assistant kitman at Pompey, reads out 10 Pompey phrases, and then explains what they mean.

Pompey legend Barry Harris. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey legend Barry Harris. Picture: Joe Pepler


1) Weeeee mush! Don’t be such a squinny!

2) Dip me ‘ead for a sparsy!

3) I’m driving rande and rande and abart.

4) I’m gaan eight.

5) Look out for that dockyard oyster on the pavement!

6) Livin’ on Saarfsea, oi likes it oi does.

7) Ees well lakes, ain’t he.

8) What abart a couple of lads out on the kibosh?

9) I’m going’ for a shant inn-eye, mush.

10) Going deyn tayn on the saith dain for half a crane.


1) Come on, don’t be a moaner.

2) Mudlarks - the children who dived about in the mudflats at The Hard in Portsea - used to call this out to people passing by as a plea for spare change. A sparsy was either threepence or sixpance, which the mudlarks would happily dip their heads in the mud for.

3) I’m driving round looking for a pretty lady.

4) I’m going out.

5) Be careful, someone has spat on the pavement.

6) It’s wonderful living in Southsea!

7) He’s tough, isn’t he.

8) What about a couple of our chums having a drink or two?

9) I’m off out for a beer, mate.

10) Going out on the bus for half a crown (South Down was a bus company).