Portchester girl sets up website for friends to play

Madison Morris.''''Picture: Sarah Standing (14125-7903)
Madison Morris.''''Picture: Sarah Standing (14125-7903)
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WHEN only child Madison Morris found herself without any friends to play with after school she decided to make her own website.

The eight-year-old has made a website called Single Child Club in a bid to encourage other only children to get online and play games with her after school and at weekends.

The website has been promoted by Red Barn Primary School in Portchester where Madison is a pupil in Year 4.

Children sign up to the website and go online together to play games.

Madison said: ‘It’s for children who don’t have anyone to play with after school and don’t have brothers or sisters.

‘They can play games together.

‘I felt really good about it because I know that loads of people can see it and they won’t get lonely after school.’

And Madison said she enjoyed having the chance to make her own website.

‘I was taught the basics at school and I started to make one,’ she said.

‘I think it looks really good to be honest. I am going to add stuff over time but I’m not going to add too much.

‘I feel quite excited to see who has joined and who has posted a comment.’

Madison has Skype calls with her friends as well as playing different games online.

Mum Rachel, 37, from Kilmiston Drive in Portchester said: ‘She did a project last year which needed Powerpoint and she got to be quite a whizz at it.

‘She gets very lonely after school and at weekends because she’s an only child.

‘The idea is that you can make contact through the website to play games.

‘I thought it was genius. It needed some moderating. I had to buy a domain and then I had to set it up to upload the published website to the internet.

‘Now she’s well away with it. I’m really proud that she could come up with something like that and build it.’

And Rachel said she thinks it’s great Madison can use her skills to socialise.

‘It’s a natural progression to try and find friends any way they can.

‘We are so proud. She got an award for her Powerpoint from the teachers. We thought then that maybe we are on to something here. I have only shown her a few things. The rest of it she has learnt on her own. The buzz for her is that she gets to see her friends.’

To see the website visit singlechildclub.co.uk.