Portsmouth brewery gears up to celebrate ninth birthday

Malcolm Irving of Portsmouth-based brewery, Irving and Co Brewers
Malcolm Irving of Portsmouth-based brewery, Irving and Co Brewers
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CELEBRATIONS will be held to mark a Portsmouth brewery’s ninth birthday.

Irving & Co Brewers is holding a private gathering at its base in Walton Road, Drayton, on Saturday to mark the occasion.

Head brewer Malcolm Irving, pictured, says he’s delighted that his firm has gone from strength to strength – and his beer is now enjoyed in pubs across the area.

The former Gales brewer said: ‘It’s flown by.

‘It’s been nine years, but it seems like it’s only been two.

‘The fact we have a birthday thing every year helps remind us we have been for that length of time. Next year will be our 10th, so we’ll have a form of celebration for that.

‘The great thing is that we have slowly been getting bigger each year.

‘We are not a big company that sets the world on fire, but organically we have grown and hopefully we will become a company that people recognise as dependable and solid.’

When asked how the industry has changed since he started up his business, Malcolm said: ‘Drinking trends have certainly changed. I never realised how trendy ale would become.

‘But it was starting to show, and you could see the shoots of it, especially when I was starting up.

‘The thing that is difficult to level with is the number of pubs that have closed.

The brewery has already launched its Christmas ale, called Red Plum. Malcolm says it’s ‘sweet, fruity and spicy with hints of orange’.

It can be found at The Leopold Tavern in Albert Road, Southsea, and The Northcote Hotel in Francis Avenue, Southsea.