Portsmouth campaigners set to march London for climate change

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Campaigners from the Portsmouth area will be heading to London on Sunday for they hope will be the biggest climate march ever.

It’s being organised by a range of organisations in the lead-up to important talks on the climate which begin in Paris on Monday.

World leaders will be gathering there to see if they can together cut greenhouse gases enough to prevent runaway climate change which could bring huge sea level rises, droughts and famine.

Sue James from the Portsmouth Climate Action Network, explains. “Scientists have been saying for ages that we could prevent the worst effects of climate change if we moved away from fossil fuels and used less energy. Sadly, not much has changed and 2015 is set to be the hottest year on record. Already we have rising sea levels, droughts, melting glaciers, climate refugees and more.

We have to prevent it getting worse. There is a hope that we could limit to global temperature rise to 2 degrees but the promises made by world governments so far aren’t going to deliver this. In any case, a rise above 1.5 degrees will have extremely damaging impacts in many parts of the world. For example island nations will be wiped off the map, and we’d expect famines in sub-Saharan Africa.

Here in Britain, our government is cutting subsidies to renewable energy companies, dropping the zero carbon homes initiative, abandoning plans for carbon capture and storage and encouraging fracking. All of these will increase the greenhouse gases which are causing the warming.

Portsmouth is a particularly vulnerable city as it’s so low. There’s money being spent now on flood defences but we still stand to lose some of our nearby coast.

We can stop this if we invest in renewable energy and give communities the resources they need to respond to the crisis

So that’s why we feel we have to march on Sunday”.