Portsmouth grandfather stranded in Dubai given little help by British Embassy

Steve Grant is stranded in Dubai
Steve Grant is stranded in Dubai
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Portsmouth grandfather Steve Grant has been offered little help by the British Embassy to resolve his ‘dire’ situation in Dubai, where he is currently stranded.

Mr Grant, a civil engineer from Southsea, met with diplomats this morning to plead for help as he now faces being left homeless and penniless.

However, he was told the embassy is still unable become involved with a police investigation, and there is little they can offer to help his financial or accommodation situation.

Diplomats suggested Mr Grant should write a letter with the help of lawyers to present to prosecutors tomorrow, explaining his situation in writing.

He said: ‘The British Embassy are still saying they cannot get involved in a police case.

‘My situation financially is getting dire, and my situation with accommodation is getting dire.

‘The embassy say they cannot help financially. All they can do is give me a list of budget hotels and charities that can help.

‘I feel they should be doing more to help me.’

Mr Grant has been under house arrest since mid-April after being held at Dubai airport as he travelled to Oman in a bid to see his abducted grandchildren.

He was accused of sending threatening messages to their paternal grandfather, who lives in Dubai, and had his passport confiscated as police launched an investigation.

Since then Mr Grant has been unable to leave the country, staying first at a hotel and then, as his funds ran low, at the home of a friend of a friends.

But now that family have visitors arriving from the UK meaning there will no room for him to stay beyond early next week.

‘I am lost at the moment and I am in the middle of nowhere,’ he said. ‘There is nowhere to go - that is the way it feels at the moment.

‘I am going to have no job to go back to in the UK now. Financially I still have bills in the UK I have had to try and keep up with.

‘It is friends and family bailing me out over the last few weeks - but that cannot go on forever.

‘I don’t know what I am going to do.’

The News has launched a petition calling on the UK Government to do more to help secure his release.