Portsmouth grandparents awarded with top prize in regional contest

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A COUPLE in North End have been giving the title of the south east’s top grandparents.

Mary and Norman Palmer, aged 54 and 66 respectively, were awarded the accolade by competition organisers, Care for the Family – a national charity which aims to strengthen family life throughout the UK.

The pair were nominated by grandson Louis who suffers from congenital hearing loss.

The four-year-old said: ‘My nanny and granddad are never too busy for me and my sister Charlotte.

‘I have to wear a hearing aid and my granddad has really helped me with my speech.

‘Thanks to him my speech has improved so much I am ready to start school in September.’

Mary and Norman balance time spent with their grandchildren with caring for their son, aged 33, who is badly disabled with cerebral palsy and cannot do anything for himself.

Mary also has kidney disease and is due to start on dialysis soon.

But this doesn’t stop her playing with Louis. He added: ‘My nanny is never too ill or busy to play with me.

‘She really is my best friend.’

The Super Grandparent awards were established by Care for the Family this year in order to highlight the important role grandparents play in family life by offering kindness, wisdom, support and unconditional love.