Portsmouth has a lot of lottery luck

Sharon and John Hall
Sharon and John Hall
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SHARON and John Hall are living proof that people in the area are lucky when it comes to the National Lottery.

The couple, from Waterlooville, struck gold in 2004 when they won a whopping £1m on a lottery scratchcard.

Now they are toasting the good fortunes of people in Portsmouth after a National Lottery survey revealed the city is one of the luckiest in the country when it comes to big wins.

Sharon, 46, said: ‘It was a long time ago for us now, but we have had some wonderful experiences.

‘It allowed John to spend a lot more time with the children and we do a lot of volunteering now.

‘It has enabled us to have many happy memories and we couldn’t be happier.’

The National Lottery’s number crunchers have worked out that since the launch of the lottery in 1994, 28 millionaires have been made in the area of the Portsmouth postcode.

A total of 331 people have also won more than £50,000.

John added: ‘The National Lottery is a fantastic institution.

‘You only have to walk around Portsmouth and places like the dockyard to see where the money goes.

‘People think buying a lottery ticket is a waste of money but it’s not if you think about where it goes.

‘We’ve really enjoyed our experiences and volunteering was a great way to keep the children’s feet on the floor.’

Sharon had been taking her son Christopher, 15, to football practice when she realised she had forgotten to pack him a drink.

Stopping in a shop on the way, she bought a £5 scratchcard.

Scratching it off while Christopher was playing, she discovered her big cash scoop.

Sharon and John took their son and daughter Charlotte, 13, on holiday to Lapland and moved into the house of their dreams.

Even though the odds of picking six winning numbers on the National Lottery is one in 13,983,816, the Portsmouth area has seen several lucky people beat the odds.

In November 2003, Martin Dunn, the manager of the Coach and Horses pub in Hilsea, Portsmouth, celebrated after scooping the £2.7m jackpot in the midweek lottery draw.

In Gosport, electrician Mike McDermott was lucky enough to scoop two wins on the National Lottery in a matter of weeks.

In June 2002, winning numbers led him to a win of £194,501.

And four months later he was toasting another Lotto scoop, a cool £121,157.

In May, 2002, retired couple George Tucker, 66, and his wife Shirley, 64, scooped £53,121 on the National Lottery after getting five balls and the bonus ball.

Staff at a Waterlooville firm which makes cash-counting machines scooped their own pile of dosh in the National Lottery earlier this year when they won £126,696 in their lottery syndicate.

The top ten luckiest Lotto areas are:-


2. Sunderland

3. Newcastle Upon Tyne

4. Liverpool

5. Enfield

6. Warrington

7. Bromley

8. Wolverhampton

9. Dartford