Portsmouth is overgrown in art show

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AN EXHIBITION of works depicting Portsmouth – but not as you know it – is on display at a theatre.

The collection called Keeping Up With The Gardening has been created by Hampshire artist Jayson Adams.

Keeping up with the Gardening

Keeping up with the Gardening

It is on show at the Kings Theatre in Albert Road, Southsea until Monday.

Jason Adams’ works are of familiar locations around the city.

However the images are a little different to how they appear in reality, as they have been painstakingly created to appear as though they are in a derelict, overgrown state.

They include The Kings Theatre and Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays.

The artist, from Eastleigh, said: ‘It’s mostly Photoshop manipulation. I would go around these locations and photograph them from loads of different angles and paste them together.

‘Once the general scene is created, it’s about putting lots of weeds all over it.

‘It can be a lot of layers –around 100.

Jayson’s work is inspired by the current economic climate in Britain.

He said: ‘With the Spinnaker Tower it’s really just about maintenance.

‘I read a lot about the Spinnaker Tower and how much it costs to maintain. In this economic climate I just wanted to make a comment.’

Specific detail about how to each building would collapse, the materials that would be the first to decay and the type of plants that would grow, show Jayson has done his research.

‘I spent time in London photographing derelict buildings and looking into how they decay,’ he said.

‘When I was a kid I was interested in Van Gogh, the way he used lines.’

But Jayson never completed an art degree.

He said: ‘I ended up dropping out. I couldn’t afford to go to uni at the time.’

Jayson hopes that his idea of creating a reaction by manipulating scenes in local areas could become more widespread.

He added: ‘It would be great if there was some sort of movement like that.

‘It would be great if people did something like that in their area to raise awareness of these issues.’

For information about Jayson’s artwork, visit his blog at http://jsadamsart.blogspot.co.uk/ or email jaysonscottadams@hotmail.co.uk