Portsmouth naval-themed chilli chutney for charity

The team behind the new naval-themed condiments pose with their finished product
The team behind the new naval-themed condiments pose with their finished product
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THEY will set your tongues sizzling and set supermarket shelves on fire — all in the name of charity.

A group of Royal Navy sailors and Royal Marines have created a range of chilli chutney condiments to raise cash for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

More than £1,000 worth of orders have been taken over the first weekend of production of the six chutneys, which range from extremely hot to mild in taste.

Daniel Jagger, the operations manager for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines charity, said: ‘The chilli chutney range represents an inspired way for our serving forces to raise money for their charity.

‘We hope others will continue to be just as inventive.

‘We’re sure the range will be a roaring success and are confident that our deployed fleets will always have a little space on board for some chutney.’

The chutneys will be stocked in local retailers, but the team behind the range has already scored a major partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

Warrant Officer Class 1 Simon Hayman, the base warrant officer of HMS Excellent on Whale Island in Portsmouth and Warrant Officer Class 1 Miles Hall came up with the project.

WO Hayman said: ‘There is already a Commando chilli range that was being used in the dining halls on the island and I saw a chance to create a Royal Navy product that could also be sold externally to raise money for 

The chutneys can also be brought with a ‘Scran Rescue Kit’ which is made up of four miniature bottles of chutneys that are all tied together.

Scran is naval slang for food.

You can buy the chutneys online by visiting thousandhills.co.uk.

The sauces

The sauces are all based on Royal Navy ‘Jackspeak’ — Royal Navy vocabulary.


Chutney: An apple, cinnamon and chilli compote.

Jackspeak for: A submariner.


Chutney: A barbecue-flavoured chilli chutney.

Jackspeak for: Deck of a ship used for take-off and landing.


Chutney: A mild garlic and chilli variety.

Jackspeak for: A new entry trainee seaman.


Chutney: Tomato chilli chutney.

Jackspeak for: A tropical picnic held ashore by ship’s company while deployed at sea.


Chutney: A hot chilli chutney.

Jackspeak for: Something that is hot.

Harry Redders

Chutney: An extremely hot chilli chutney.

Jackspeak for: Something that is extremely hot. Harry is a term used for emphasis.