Portsmouth prankster’s cruel Valentine’s Day video proves a worldwide viral smash

  • Calls from across the globe flood in after prank video on his loving Portsmouth girlfriend
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A PRANKSTER has told how he has been inundated from calls across the globe after his cruel Valentine’s Day joke on his girlfriend went viral.

On Sunday, Brad Holmes recorded himself going down on bended knee to ‘propose’ to his love-struck girlfriend, Jenny Davies.

It’s just been mad. It’s getting to a stage where it’s just ridiculous

Brad Holmes, 24

She was overwhelmed when the 24-year-old dropped to one knee and told her he had to ask her a vital question.

Shaking with anticipation as he produced a small white box, she waited for what she thought would be a wonderfully romantic proposal - only to be asked for a cup of tea instead.

The video – and Jenny’s furious reaction – has since been viewed 10m times.

‘It has been absolutely hectic,’ said Brad.

‘My phone has been ringing non-stop – I’ve had about 60 calls, from America, Australia, New Zealand. We’ve even had This Morning on the phone asking if we wanted to be on it.

‘It’s just been mad. It’s getting to a stage where it’s just ridiculous. The video has been seen by 10m people – that’s a fifth of Britain.’


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Despite the cruel ploy, Brad, a window cleaner from Southampton, said Jenny, of Portsmouth, still forgave him after 20 minutes.

‘I still got my cup of tea in the end,’ he joked.

The video came just weeks after the couple recorded their first viral sensation – where Brad questioned Jenny about how many days of Christmas there are.

The duo now hope to star in their reality TV show.

To see the full video, click here.