Portsmouth’s Chloe Crawford stars on Britain’s Got Talent

Chloe Louise Crawford on Britain's Got Talent
Chloe Louise Crawford on Britain's Got Talent
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HER magic trick made sure she pulled it out of the hat as Portsmouth’s Chloe Crawford won over the judges on Britain’s Got Talent.

All four judges on the ITV1 talent show said ‘yes’ to the 27-year-old’s act, which saw her make a motorcycle disappear and then reappear in the audience.

Chloe Louise Crawford

Chloe Louise Crawford

Chloe, who grew up in North End and then moved to Las Vegas, told the show she was back to make it as a magician rather than an assistant as she has been doing for the past few 

She said: ‘For the audition I started off with an extremely fast change – I went from a cheesy-looking magician with a tuxedo and top hat and changed into ripped jeans and a Union Jack tank top.

‘Then I made a motorcycle and myself disappear into thin air and reappear in the audience.

‘When I got four “yeses” I couldn’t have been 

Chloe Louise Crawford

Chloe Louise Crawford

Her trick impressed the judges, in particular Simon Cowell, who said: ‘You’ve kind of brought Vegas back to London and I like that. And you are someone we’re going to 

Fellow judge Alesha Dixon added: ‘It’s refreshing to see a beautiful woman doing magic.’

The former cover girl said she’s used to being on stage, but felt nervous on the Britain’s Got Talent stage.

She added: ‘I’m used to being on stage in front of a live audience but not doing magic and not in front of four judges who are there to tell me if I did well or 

‘So I was definitely nervous, it was a relief when I appeared on the motorcycle at the end.

‘I remember standing side stage with Ant and Dec thinking “what have I gotten myself into” but I’m so glad I went for it.

‘I felt relieved that my hard work and my Vegas team paid off, and the help I got from BGT.

‘There were so many factors to this trick for it to go right. But I really wanted to go big on the first round in case I didn’t get through.’