Portsmouth woman Sohaila Sophia helps people find their path to happiness with her new life coaching business

AN ENTREPRENEUR from Southsea is using skills she picked up as a charity volunteer to change people’s mindsets through her new life coach business.

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Monday, 22nd November 2021, 9:12 am

Sohaila Sophia, 31, became a life coach after volunteering for a charity which gave one-to-one support to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Realising the impact she was having, she decided to train as a life coach and became fully qualified in June.

She said: ‘My role at the charity was offering emotional support. Every week I was speaking to these people and I noticed the difference it was making on their lives was huge.

‘I thought if this is the difference you can make just from listening to someone, what could I do if I was trained in this, surely the impact would be greater.’

Sohaila offers a six-month one-to-one coaching programme, which supports people to live a happier life. The flexible programme includes different themes that are all based on real-life experiences, that act as the infrastructure to highlight particular areas in someone’s life that need working on.

Sohaila coaches both men and women and is currently launching a couples coaching programme too.

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Sohaila said life coaching is different to counselling which can focus on the past, while coaching is more present and future focused which helps people move forward.

Sohaila Sophia offers a 6-month programme to help people find their happiness

She said: ‘I love to coach people who have had counselling, it’s such a privilege to help people go forward from that. Taking the steps forward can sometimes be the hardest bit and I want to help.’

‘Alternatively nothing has to be wrong to have life coaching, people just might feel like they aren’t living as much as they want to. The biggest step you can take which costs absolutely nothing is shifting your mindset to what you want, rather than what you don’t want, it can make a huge difference.’

Sohaila said the feedback she’s received so far has been really positive, with clients appreciating the constant support she offers both throughout and after the programme.

Her next step is to work with businesses to offer wellbeing support to their employees. She plans to provide ongoing, monthly life coaching support to staff, through her happiness programme.

For more, visit lifecoach-directory.org.uk/lifecoaches/sohaila-sophia, email [email protected] or find Sohaila on Facebook and Instagram.To book a complimentary call with Sohaila, visit calendly.com/sohailasophia.

For a free happiness resource based on the programme, click here.

Story by Sophie Murray