Portsmouth's Lydia Clyma from Netflix's Too Hot Too Handle shares the ups, downs and life after the hit show

A NEW Netflix dating show with a twist has taken the world by storm in the last week and one of the city’s own was part of the international line-up.

Now Lydia Clyma from Portsmouth is sharing all about her time on Too Hot Too Handle – the ups, the downs, the food and the answer to the question on everyone’s lips… did she find love?

The show, which has rocketed up the trending charts across the world, sees men and women from around the world on an idyllic island in Mexico competing for a prize of $100,000 and, while it seems like other dating shows at first, the contestants are hit with the news that kissing and sex is banned and rule breakers will be punished with fines to the prize pot.

For 22-year-old Lydia the whole experience began more than a year ago when she was asked by a producer, who had worked with her when she appeared on ITV2’s Weekender Party, if she would be on a new show.

From left, Kori Sampson, Lydia Clyma and Madison Wyborny. Picture: Netflix Too Hot to Handle

She said: ‘I had absolutely no idea what the show was about and at first I wasn’t sure but the producer said they really wanted me to do it and although I felt a bit scared I did it.

‘Then we flew to Mexico last April and we saw it was called The Untitled Dating Show and I thought right at least I know what it is now but I had no idea about the rules until just before we went on the boat to arrive to the island.’

Lydia, who worked as a ring girl and presented shows on boxing previously, got stuck into the show, when she joined in episode 6, as it focused on helping people confront feelings, talk openly about issues and create deeper emotional connections.

The former Cams Hill School student hit it off with David Birtwistle from London but revealed she is still single but ready to date for a relationship.

Lydia Clyma who has starred on a top trending Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Pictured is: (l-r) Harry Jowsey, Francesca Farago, Lydia Clyma and David Birtwistle. Picture: Netflix Too Hot to Handle

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Lydia told The News: ‘David and I are just friends but we are the best of friends. I talk to him all the time and we know each other on such a deeper level because of the show which is amazing. I see Nicola all the time as well and I have gone to LA and been on Bryce’s boat which was really fun.’

‘The whole cast has stayed friends really which I think is rare with reality shows but I think it is because it has such a different concept from other shows so we saw each other laugh and cry and be vulnerable and I think that made the show is relatable as well because you don’t always see people being vulnerable on TV.

‘There were more workshops than were shown on the series but the words one and Yoni one really made me think. I think at the time they were the low points but when I look back they were the high points as well. The other high point was the food was we had a personal chef and that was unreal but they didn’t show that which is gutting!’

Lydia Clyma who has starred on a top trending Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Picture: Netflix Too Hot to Handle

Lydia was among the 10 contestants who shared the prize pot, which ended up at $75,000, and is now focusing on her future career.

She said: ‘It was an absolutely amazing experience and to be one of the people at the end was amazing especially as I came in later with two other people who were kicked off.

‘Now I am working on a mental health documentary because that is really important to me and I am also launching a jumpsuit brand for girls who have bigger boobs and bigger bums and it will be all about body confidence.

‘I felt huge at first next to the other girls on the show but the workshops helped me and now I feel really happy to be in my own body and want others to feel the same. I have only had three bad comments between the millions of lovely ones from people around the world which is amazing but sad that when you go on TV you expect to deal with trolls.’

Lydia Clyma who has starred on a top trending Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Pictured is: (l-r) Rhonda Paul, Sharron Townsend, Lydia Clyma and Kelz Dyke.

Lydia added: ‘I want to thank everyone for all their support and I am so happy I have made my family proud.’

Lydia Clyma who has starred on a top trending Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Pictured is: (l to r clockwise) David Birtwistle, Lydia Clyma, Francesca Farago, Bryce Hirschberg and Sharron Townsend.