Precious the rabbit beats the odds and hops back to health

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WHEN a poorly looked-after rabbit was thrust through their doors, staff at South Coast Rabbit Rescue weren’t sure if she would survive.

Now, Precious has made what has been described as a ‘miraculous’ recovery, and is on the way to finding a permanent home.

Back in April this year, the rescue srvice found a rabbit that was on its last legs.

The animal, named Precious by the rescue centre’s Facebook page, was nurtured back to life over the course of more than six months.

Vanessa Taylor from South Coast Rabbit Rescue described the moment Precious was first brought in.

She said: ‘Precious came in on April 21 and was in a really bad state.

‘She had fleas and mites all over, she was completely bald, had overgrown teeth and was incredibly underweight.

‘Her previous owners just wanted to leave her to die – it was heartbreaking.’

The team decided to call in some help from other animal centres. Vanessa said: ‘We had Whiteley Village Vets Centre kindly put Precious through some dental operations.

‘Precious had two other operations and none of us really believed she would make it. Rabbits have incredibly small and fragile hearts, and in the condition that Precious was in, things were really touch and go.’

Having survived the operations and gone through a major rehabilitation programme, the rabbit has somehow made a full recovery.

Her fleas are now gone, her fur has grown back and, according to Vanessa, it is like having a completely different rabbit at the centre.

She said: ‘The turnaround has just been incredible – she is so much more confident now.

‘Everyone is so pleased by Precious’ transformation and we can’t thank the people who have supported us enough.’

The group is now looking to give Precious the home she deserves.

Vanessa said: ‘Precious is incredibly special to us, but it is time for us to get her back out into the world.

‘It will be sad for us to see her go, but at the same time we will be glad to see her rehomed.

‘We want to make sure that the home she goes to is the right one – I think that Precious deserves that after everything she has been through.’

If you are interested in adopting Precious, you can contact South Coast Rabbit Rescue via their Facebook page,