Probe launched over complaints at care home

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AN INVESTIGATION is underway at a Portsmouth nursing home over claims a pensioner was mistreated.

Portsmouth City Council are investigating complaints against Regency Nursing Home, at St Helens Parade, Southsea, following concerns raised by Michelle Cowley about her grandmother living there.

Mrs Cowley said some of her belongings have vanished and she had been left alone for long periods. Noise and mess is also an issue.

Mrs Cowley, of Bedhampton, also said that weeks before her grandmother’s husband died, they were moved into a small room together which wasn’t large enough for all of their belongings.

It’s alleged the toilet has been out of use and there are broken fittings.

Mrs Cowley, 39, said: ‘I am concerned for my grandmother and the other residents.

‘Something is very wrong and things don’t add up.’

Mrs Cowley also questioned whether the home acted fast enough when her grandfather died, and she said some belongings had been moved into a garage when they went to collect them afterwards.

Mrs Cowley said: ‘When we went to complain to the owner, who I had not met before, I was shocked at how rude and arrogant he was.

‘He had no interest in our complaints and was completely dismissive about all of our concerns.

On inspection of my nan’s property, there was a lot missing – DVDs and CDs as well as a fur coat, jewellery and toiletries.’

Angela Dryer, assistant head of adult social care, said: ‘Our role is to protect vulnerable adults so all reports of alleged abuse are taken seriously and appropriate action is taken.

‘We’re currently undertaking an investigation regarding a nursing home in the city, working with all parties involved to ensure people are safeguarded.’

Sen Bungaroo, who runs the nursing home with his wife Maria, said: ‘There are always two sides to a story.

‘We have a track record and we have had a care home for 23 years.

‘These allegations are unfounded. Some of these complaints have been investigated.

‘The complaint about the noise and mess was a one off because we are currently undertaking major building work.

‘The allegations of missing jewellery – there is no evidence of that.

‘We took over the home about 18 months ago.

‘Since we have moved in we have not stopped making improvements to the infrastructure and the whole fabric of the building.

‘The level of care has improved.’