Protest held about Gosport labs use of animals

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A NIGHT-TIME protest against animal testing took place outside a laboratory.

Campaign group Stop Wickham Animal Testing held the peaceful protest outside Wickham Laboratories, in Barwell Lane, Gosport last week.

Helen Nelson, from the group, said: ‘People come past and see our banners and they hopefully realise that there’s something going on here.’

The lab moved from Wickham to Gosport three years ago. It is a designated animal testing facility by the Home Office under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act of 1986, although its website says it uses animals only where alternative methods for testing products do not exist.

But Mrs Nelson said: ‘It’s totally wrong.

‘Testing on animals is not a reliable way for things that will be used on humans. We want to try and stop it and bring something more reliable in.’

The demo, pictured, which saw around 10 protesters, lasted until 2am.

For more on the campaign ‘Stop Wickham Animal Testing’ on Facebook.