Protesters take stand against lads’ magazines

Magazines covered up at a Co-operative store
Magazines covered up at a Co-operative store
Tyler Smith

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PROTESTERS will be outside a superstore demonstrating against lads’ mags.

Aurora New Dawn, Solent Feminist Network (SFN) and the Portsmouth White Ribbon group, will be outside Tesco Extra, North Harbour, this Saturday.

The groups will be protesting against magazines that show naked women on their covers.

The protest is part of a national day of action called Lose the Lads’ Mags campaign, lead by UK Feminista and Object.

Protestors across the UK are targeting Tesco stores as they believe lads mags like Nuts and Zoo fuel sexism and selling them can breach equality law.

Shonagh Dillon, CEO of Aurora New Dawn, said: ‘As a front-line organisation working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence, Aurora New Dawn is proud to lend our support to the campaign.

‘The relationship between the ubiquitous representation of women as sexual objects is recognised internationally by the UN Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women.

‘As are the links between such representations of women and the social attitudes that underpin gender-based violence and abuse.

‘As a CEDAW signatory, the UK government has committed to tackle the harmful objectification of women that forms the daily business of lads’ mags and we are delighted to support the campaign.’

The national day of action comes after the Co-operative decided that lads’ mags must be delivered to their stores in so-called ‘modesty bags’ or not be stocked at all.

Sarah Cheverton, White Ribbon Group campaigner, said: ‘By selling lads’ mags like Nuts and Zoo Tesco is sending out the damaging message that it’s normal and acceptable to treat women like dehumanised sex objects.’

The protest is between midday and 1pm.