Pupils head off to visit a slum in Kenya’s capital

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STUDENTS have set off on a 4,000 mile journey to Kenya.

Three pupils from Oaklands Catholic School are visiting Korogocho, a slum town in the Kenyan capital Nairobi which houses a population the size of Portsmouth in an area of less than a square mile.

They will visit St John’s Sports Society to see how sport is offering young Kenyans in one of the largest slums in the city a lifeline out of violence and poverty.

Students from the school first visited the society in 2011 with the Catholic aid agency CAFOD, which ensures that young people under the age of 16 can attend the club for free and take part in netball, football and boxing clubs, as well as a Shotokan Karate club.

The school has stayed in close contact with the sports society ever since.

Oaklands’ continued fundraising activities over the last two years have contributed to the building of a new gym and cultural centre for the whole community.

The students have been invited to the opening of the new facility.

Mugeni Sumba, RE teacher at Oaklands who is accompanying the students, said: ‘One of the things that makes me very proud to be a teacher at Oaklands is the commitment of our students to promoting justice. I still cannot believe that in less than two years we have helped St John’s construct a building that will help the people of Korogocho lay the foundations for a better future.’