Puppy’s Facebook page continues as a tribute

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MEMBERS of a foster family who were looking after a puppy on behalf of a charity are devastated after she was put down.

Lola the puppy previously featured in an article in The News as she had gathered hundreds of supporters through her Facebook page.

Charity South Coast Staffie Rescue had appealed for funds to pay for Lola’s vet bills.

Founder Gina Tillett said she would not give up on Lola and that the charity would not put the dog down unless she was in pain.

Mrs Tillett said: ‘There are many rescues and indeed people that would kill a dog rather than spend thousands on them.

‘That is not me or how I run. I have high levels of commitment for each and every dog in my care.

‘If it meant that I was in debt for the rest of my life, it would be a small price to pay if it meant Lola could live a happy and lengthy life.’

Foster parent Tina Light, from Titchfield, said: ‘Sadly Lola was put to sleep on Monday.

‘She went downhill fast and began to show signs that she was suffering. She stopped eating and was yelping with pain and biting herself. We are, as you can imagine, devastated.’

The Facebook page ‘Lola Star’ will continue as a tribute to Lola and to allow people to discuss their pets.

For more information or to make a donation to South Coast Staffie Rescue visit southcoaststaffierescue.org.uk.