Put in place a parenting plan for Christmas

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Separated Hampshire parents are being urged to sort out Christmas family arrangements by a national family charity.

National Family Mediation, which helps families reach post-separation agreements on parenting, property and finance, is encouraging families to sort arrangements now by working out a simple parenting plan.

Jane Robey, CEO of National Family Mediation, said: ‘For separated families, far from being a time of joy, Christmas can heap tension upon tension. Reminders that Christmas is fast approaching are all around us, but many separated families are dreading December, and with good reason.

‘Christmas places huge pressures on families, and it’s a time when separated couples often find settlements imposed by divorce courts don’t work.

‘As a result, the child is caught helplessly in the middle, leading to a thoroughly miserable Christmas.

To find out more call 0300 4000 636 or visit nfm.org.uk/local.