Q&A: Masterchef finalist Sven-Hanson Britt

Sven-Hansen Britt on Masterchef
Sven-Hansen Britt on Masterchef
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CHEF Sven-Hanson Britt, who narrowly missed out on the top spot on BBC cooking show Masterchef: the Professionals, says he’s already looking for his next challenge.

Here’s a question and answer reaction from the classically-trained chef, who used to work as a plate washer at Banks Bar Bistro in Bishop’s Waltham, after he was beaten to the title by 27-year-old rival chef Jamie Scott, from Scotland, last night.

How do you feel about getting to the final?

Getting to the final is a fantastic feeling. The experiences that I have had along the way will stay with me for a long time. Each challenge has been nerve racking but taught me something new about myself and gave me belief.

Why do you think you got to the final?

I have spent hours and hours of hard work to try and be good at something I love.

How did you find making the show/filming?

It was hard work juggling it with working very long hours, and having a real life! But I enjoyed the experience, and learnt so much about myself.

Would you do it again? Would you do anything differently?

I would definitely do it all again, and I would do everything exactly the same. Towards the end I wanted to show exactly the type of person that I was and the food that I like to cook and create - I hope that came across.

What is it like to see yourself on telly?

It was very strange to see myself on TV at first, especially when people on Twitter thought I looked like a human Shrek!

Are you pleased you did the show?

The show is wicked; this year’s addition of Marcus was great. Masterchef really try to help you with your development, rather than just creating entertainment.

What do you intend to do now/where next?

Who knows what the future holds, but I am currently looking for my next adventure. I want to change the way we think of food so that it has a positive impact on us and the environment. My ambition is to do that whilst having a restaurant that portrays these core values.