Quad bike joy for winner of radio station contest

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A RADIO listener who won £1,000 has used her money to help her disabled husband on the road to recovery – by buying him a quad bike.

Kim Long, of Selsey, West Sussex, bought the bike with her prize money from a competition she entered on Wave 105.

In April 2008, Kim’s husband, Billy, 45, broke his hip after falling 7ft from a roof. While in hospital Billy contracted an infection, which left him hospitalised for 15 months.

The former builder and divemaster, who became reliant upon a wheelchair, was no longer able to continue his training to become part of the RNLI lifeboat crew.

So in a bid to help him get around Kim bought a specially-modified quad bike.

Kim said: ‘Losing his building business has meant money is really tight so the chances of buying him his quad was just a dream.

‘Wave 105 has made that dream a reality and I haven’t seen him smile like that since before the accident.

‘Thank you very much to the station – you have no idea the difference this has made.’

Kim won by answering a question about the film Grease.