Qualifications give young people a confidence boost

Rachel Maddocks School in Waterlooville receive the Best School Award from Council Leader Cllr Donna Jones

GIVING children with learning difficulties and complex medical needs an uplifting boost means everything to them.

Rachel Madocks School in Waterlooville has given pupils the opportunity to earn qualifications, which teach them the essential life skills they need.

It is this dedication to supporting young people that earned them this year’s Best School award.

Mave Ash from Rachel Madocks School said: ‘We offer a variety of qualifications based on what the children actually need.

‘The qualifications give them the best outcome for when they leave our school at the age of 19.

‘All of the qualifications are based on life skills, such as looking after themselves, how to take care of their own home and becoming independent young people.

‘The students also do an employability skills award, which takes two years to do and sets them up for life in the workplace.

‘It felt amazing to win the award – we are incredibly proud of the school and it’s wonderful to be recognised like this.’

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