Radio DJ suspended for rant about about breastfeeding in public

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A RADIO DJ has been suspended for suggesting that ‘librarian-type moustached’ women should not breastfeed in public.

Alex Dyke said that it was ‘unnatural’ and a throwback to the Stone Age during his show on BBC Radio Solent on Wednesday prompting complaints on social media and the petition on

During the 10am show, his comments included: ‘It is 2015. Ladies, mums, we don’t like breastfeeding in public, honestly we don’t. I experienced this yesterday. I was on a bus and there was a lady on this bus. She was quite a big girl and she had a toddler with her. She starts to breastfeed her baby on the bus. I didn’t know where to look. She’s putting me in an embarrassing situation.

‘I didn’t really realise what was going on. I just thought she was cuddling a baby and then I looked over and I realised. I wanted to look away but the bus was packed. Breastfeeding is unnatural. I know its natural but it’s kind of unnatural. It’s the kind of thing which should be done in a quiet and private nursery. We don’t want it in public.

‘It was OK in the Stone Age when we knew no better and people didn’t even have their own teeth. A public area is not the place for it. It’s not a great look.’

Mr Dyke also said: ‘Making love is the most natural thing in the world but you wouldn’t do it on the number 15. I blame the Earth-mothers, the ones who wear hessian.’

The petition, started by Maisie Jameson, has now reached more 5,500.

She wrote: ‘There is already a stigma around breastfeeding, and we don’t need ill-educated mysoginists like Alex Dyke to make it even more apparent.

‘In fact he was right. We’re not in the Stone Age anymore – we’re in the 21st century. Breastfeeding is completely natural, and people must remember that breasts are for feeding – not for men.’

Emma Kirby posted on Twitter: ‘Another moron with misogynistic views about breastfeeding on the radio. Get rid of this idiot!’

The show is currently unavailable on the BBC iplayer radio website.