Rare chance to buy original Disney drawings

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
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A collection of original drawings from Walt Disney Studios are going on sale at an auction.

It includes original pencil drawings of Mickey Mouse, on notepaper, dating from around 1931. A series of drawings of one of the dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, from 1937, tackling a wood-carving reveals a scene that never appeared in the final movie.

Also featured will be original painted film cells from Pooh Bear films, Lady and the Tramp from 1955, and 101 Dalmatians from 1961.

It belongs to Derbyshire collector David Smith and goes on sale at The Petersfield Antiques Fair at The Festival Hall, Petersfield from February 6 to 8.

Mr Smith said: ‘Many of the artworks are either drawn by or come from the private collection of Thornton Hee, an animator, caricature artist, director and teacher who worked for Walt Disney Studios during the 1930s.

‘He was well known across the movie industry as T.Hee.

‘The painted cells are the originals used in the making of the film, not later copies so often found in shops today.

‘Most of the hand-painted cells of the 500,000 or more needed to make a full-length movie were destroyed, thought to be worthless at the time.

‘Such original cells are now highly sought after and rarely come on the open market.’

Prices start at £2,000 each. For more information telephone 01825 744074 or go to penman-fairs.co.uk.