Rebecca’s silent help for Harvey

Rebecca Johns
Rebecca Johns
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SILENCE is golden according to the saying, and in this case it’s helped raise hundreds of pounds towards getting a youngster life-changing surgery.

Rebecca Johns decided to do something for Harvey Young when she heard through her family about the three-year-old’s plight.

Harvey, from Bellflower Way in Titchfield, has cerebral palsy and his family want to raise £50,000 to take him to St Louis in America where specialists will give him an operation that could change his life

The Bridgemary Community School pupil came up with the idea of a sponsored silence and told her parents what she wanted to do.

And so she wouldn’t be cheating by sleeping through a big part of her silence, Rebecca split the 24 hours across the weekend during her waking hours – from 8am to 8pm on the Saturday and 9am to 9pm on the Sunday.

And even texting on her mobile was a no-no.

The 12-year-old said: ‘I looked for all sorts of things to do to help and I thought a sponsored silence was something I could do.

‘I talk in my sleep and I can’t control that, so I didn’t want to cheat which is why I did it on the two days.

‘It was really difficult. But not being able to text, that was the hardest thing because I probably send about 50 to 100 texts a day.

‘My parents took my phone away, but they did it because I asked them to.’

But it was all worth it in the end when she could give Harvey a cheque for £551.

Rebecca added: ‘It was quite frustrating that they couldn’t understand me.

‘I made cupcakes on Sunday and I was trying to explain what I needed to do, but I couldn’t even write anything down because my hands were messy.

Mum Karen said: ‘When she was trying to communicate with us through sign language we didn’t have a clue.

‘We were so proud that she decided to do it completely off her own back. No-one suggested it to her.

‘She designed her own sponsorship form and made posters to go with it.’

Dad Pete said: ‘The generosity from everyone has been astounding.’

Harvey’s dad Nick Young said: ‘It’s a fantastic effort by Rebecca – it’s amazing what she’s done for Harvey.

‘We’re on about £7,500 now but we have got a lot of events lined up. There’s a lot going on.’

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