Relaxed vibes are '˜great' for exam results, say pupils

PRIMARY school pupils that created a music video to help revise for their SATs say that a relaxed environment is key in battling exam stress.

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 7:25 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:42 am
Year Six students and teachers from Brockhurst Primary School in Gosport

Year Six students from Brockhurst Primary School in Gosport created a music video based on the OneRepublic song Counting Stars last month.

Currently, the school’s video sits at more than 119,000 views and has been watched as far away as South Africa and China.

With their SATs now over, they believe that the video not only helped them with revision, but also eased exam stress – along with a few other stress-busting secrets.

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Year Six students and teachers from Brockhurst Primary School in Gosport

Adele Hellyer said: ‘We all remembered the song and sang it in our heads during the exams, and it helped a lot.

‘Our teachers are the best in the whole world – they made us feel relaxed about the SATs and that really helped.’

Danny Hunt said: ‘Every part of the song fitted into different exams and people from all over the world have heard it, so maybe it has helped other people who were stressed too.’

Katie Piggott said: ‘People who have commented on the video say it has really helped them to relax in their SATs.

‘It’s great people have been able to take their exams and not feel stressed.’

Dylan Workman said: ‘Hopefully the video is going to help children for many years to come.

‘If teachers are able to help classes be calm in their SATs then I think they’ll do better and get better results.’

Year Six teacher Sarah Cox says that the video was just one of many techniques used to calm the students before their exams.

She said: ‘It was all part of our approach to having a relaxed exam environment.

‘We’ve also had breakfast clubs and done some outdoors revision in the sunshine.

‘I definitely think it’s had a massive impact in their mindset – I have never seen such a relaxed group of children during exam season.

‘They all looked so calm before, during and after the exams. I have been teaching for 11 years now and have never seen anything like it.

‘None of this would have been possible without my fellow Year Six teacher Jamie Hill; we’re just glad we could make this environment for the students.’