Residents at new Berewood estate in Waterlooville are left tired and fuming after construction work continues 'until 2am'

ANGRY homeowners have lost hours of sleep after construction work between two housing estates was allowed to rumble on ‘until 2am'.

Saturday, 17th August 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Saturday, 17th August 2019, 7:00 am

Residents near Berewood in Waterlooville said the sound of machinery at commercial units has repeatedly droned into the morning this week.

People living near the Proxima Park development were told to expect ‘late evening' building work in July but it was postponed.

When it finally began on Tuesday, neighbours were fuming to learn it would continue overnight.

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Janice Turner, of Ayrshire Road, is one of an increasing number of Berewood residents angered at the late-night noise of the commercial Proxima Park development. Picture: Sarah Standing (160819-3829)

The racket meant Janice Turner’s husband Peter, who has MS, slept for just three hours before his 5am alarm went off.

‘It's a horrible dull noise that drives you insane after you’ve listened to it for a couple of hours,' said Janice, 52, of Ayrhsire Avenue.

‘It's like a dull vibrating and in fact, [on Thursday] night, the house was vibrating along with the noise.

‘I thought I was going crazy but I spoke to my mother this morning and she actually felt the same.’

Part of the Proxima Park development on the Berewood estate, along Houghton Avenue. Picture: Sarah Standing (160819-3866)

Neighbours marched to the Proxima Park site on both sides of Houghton Avenue to investigate when the works began this week.

Another resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘It's completely unacceptable.

‘We've got a people here who have to get up early and there are many who have children.

‘A letter has been sent out apologising for the noise, but they've told us it will continue next week and in September – that’s a concern, since the children will be back at school by then.’

Austin Patten of the MCS Group, which is working on Proxima Park, said the noise is from a machine that smooths poured concrete floors.

He said the firm alerted Winchester City Council’s Environmental Health team about using the tool beyond working hours.

'They are putting a cap on how late we can work and we are working with our specialists to see how we can work until that point,' he added.

A spokesman for Winchester City Council said the issue was being ‘urgently investigated’.

He added: ‘We are working with the builders to understand their reasons for working beyond normal construction hours and are exploring ways building can continue without causing unacceptable disturbance to people living nearby.’