Revealed: Mystery solved of Father Christmas seen around Fareham and Gosport

WHEN teenager Owen Beswick dressed up as Father Christmas after losing a bet he thought it was just a laugh.

Friday, 8th July 2016, 6:35 am
Updated Friday, 8th July 2016, 9:02 am
Megan Eddles and Owen Beswick Picture: Sarah Standing (160939-3352)

But after the 17-year-old from Gosport was snapped outside the town’s Asda he became a social media sensation when the picture was widely shared Facebook.

Hundreds of people have seen the snap, with many commenting that they spotted Owen cycling around Gosport and Fareham and at McDonald’s earlier this week.

Owen said: ‘The whole thing started out as a joke. I lost a bet to my friend Megan and I had to dress up as something random.

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Owen Beswick Picture: Sarah Standing (160939-3368)

‘I chose Father Christmas and turned up at my drama group in the outfit.

‘They all found it funny so I decided to cycle around Gosport dressed in it.

‘I got loads of reaction which I wasn’t expecting. People wanted selfies, drivers were beeping their horns and people were shouting hello and waving.

‘I was saying hello and waving back. Luckily, there was no hate. It was a bit of fun.’

Owen Beswick Picture: Sarah Standing (160939-3368)

After getting the reaction he did cycling in Gosport, Owen decided to visit Fareham.

But it was the reaction he got on Facebook which took him by surprise.

He added: ‘I had no idea someone had taken a picture of me at Asda until I was tagged in a post on Spotted Fareham and Gosport.

‘I then saw all the comments and realised just how many people had seen it. It’s mad to think how much it’s spread.’

Pal Megan Eddles, who he lost the bet to, was shocked by how many people had heard about Owen dressing as Father Christmas.

The 14-year-old said: ‘When he lost the bet, I didn’t expect him to actually go through with the forfeit.

‘I didn’t think he was going to do it. I was one of the first people to see him as he came to our drama group. I was shocked and I couldn’t quite believe it.

‘It was all a big joke and then it got shared on Facebook.’

On The News’ Facebook page, people commented on where they had spotted Owen.

Sarah Taylor posted: ‘I saw him today on a bike riding around by Fareham Tescos.’ Paula Lane added: ‘I saw him cycling on Newgate Lane.’ Terri Frost commented: ‘I saw him by the Gosport ferry.’