Revealed: The contract David Bowie signed to play South Parade Pier

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MUSIC promoter Philip Haines recalls how when he put on a David Bowie show in 1972 the singer’s star was definitely in its ascendency.

Bowie was booked to play on South Parade Pier in Southsea on March 4, 1972, at what was the start of his celebrated Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars period.

And 63-year-old Philip still has the contract for the show, where it is possible to see that the gig would go ahead, even in the event of a powercut.

The star’s dressing requirements were less flamboyant than those of some other acts. He requried simply two rooms that could be locked, with heating and hot running water and lit mirrors.

And Bowie was paid the princely sum of £225, which Philip now jokes: ‘The actual contract is probably worth more to me now that it was at the time, but no, I’m not going to be selling it.’

Although the singer, who died on Sunday aged 69, was already selling out shows in London, the show in Southsea was far from full.

Philip, who is originally from Portsmouth but now lives in Exeter, said: ‘It was one of a run of six gigs I promoted between March and May that year at the Pier, and sadly Sandy Denny, Rory Gallagher and now David Bowie are no longer with us

‘I had been living up in London at the time and I booked a gig with David very early on having seen him do two or three shows up there.

‘In those says though there was a lag between what was happening in London and what was going on in the provinces – it too a good six months for the rest of the country to catch up.

‘He turned up with all his people – my abiding memory is how he was surrounded by more security than anyone else I had ever encountered.

‘But it was far from sold out that night.

‘It was a full-on performance in all the Ziggy regalia.

‘He wasn’t a big star yet, but you could see he had something.’