Ricky’s sales success gives his team a boost

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin
John Beresford

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APPRENTICE hopeful Ricky Martin helped bag his team a win with a big sale in tonight’s episode.

The Stubbington recruitment team leader sold more than £3,000 worth of street art in a task where team Sterling managed a narrow victory.

Making just £150 more in commission than rivals Phoenix, the team bagged their choice of artists despite Ricky taking an immediate dislike to one of them.

Confronted by his team-mates’ choice without realising it out on the streets of Bristol he said: ‘That’s awful.’

But ultimately team Phoenix’s decision to go for Hammer Horror-themed art by James Jessop proved their undoing.

The huge canvasses failed to sell and Glaswegian bridal shop owner Laura Hogg become the latest contestant to be shown the door.

Afterwards she slammed the pieces of modern art featured in the show as ‘monstrosities’ and blamed them for getting her fired by Lord Sugar.

She said: ‘I wasn’t really comfortable with forcing it on people.’