Rodney the shark predicts England World Cup result

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HE is 6ft long, swims in a tank and is the latest animal oracle to predict a World Cup football match.

Rodney the zebra shark from Blue Reef Aquarium, Southsea, decided that Italy are going to win in their match against England tonight.

Rodney goes for Italy

Rodney goes for Italy

Food was hidden in the hollow tubes of flags representing each of the two countries that were placed into Rodney’s tank.

Jenna Macfarlane, the visitor services supervisor, said: ‘This is an experiment going on a tangent from the target training we have been doing with Rodney.

‘We are starting with this one game and if he gets it right we will carry on with all the England games.’

Target training is used to make it easier to control the behaviour of the shark and to give essential vitamins with the food.

Rodney is named after the character from Only Fools and Horses because the aquarium staff noticed he acted like ‘a bit of a plonker’.

Using sea creatures as fortune tellers is becoming a World Cup tradition.

Four years ago, the Germans had Paul, the octopus, who caught the world’s attention with his surprisingly accurate predictions of the tournament’s results.

Meanwhile in Brazil this year, fans have chosen a sea turtle as their oracle.

‘Rodders’ arrived at 1ft long but now is about three to four years old and is still classed as a baby at the larger size of 6ft.