Rowlands Castle salutes the Queen

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There was patriotic fervour as a crowd gathered at Rowlands Castle Green to watch the raising of the Union flag to mark the Queen becoming the UK’s longest-serving monarch.

There were a sea of proud faces as they joined together to sing the national anthem.

Villagers at Rowlands Castle saulte the Queen

Villagers at Rowlands Castle saulte the Queen

Anne Haigh, 77, a member of the British Legion, from Rowlands Castle, said: ‘She’s a marvellous person.

‘She’s done the most marvellous job.’

On the secret of The Queen’s longevity, she said: ‘She’s very fit and has got a strong constitution.’

Mary Jane Lomer, from Rowlands Castle, said: ‘It’s fantastic.

‘The only time I saw her was at Butser Hill in the 60s or 70s.

‘She was in a red suit. I thought she was small, petite and magnificent.

‘I used to write to her at Christmas wishing her Happy Christmas.

‘I still have the letters saying thank you for your wishes.’

John Pickering, chairman of Rowlands Castle Parish Council, said she had been a ‘very committed’ monarch.

He added: ‘The fact that she’s lasted even longer than Queen Victoria, even though she succeeded to the throne at a later age, is quite remarkable.’