Royal Navy trainee officer from Peterfield is protecting the Libyans

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A FORMER Havant College student is off fighting Colonel Gaddafi.

Zoe Perris, 21, from Petersfield, has just completed her part in Exercise Cougar in the Mediterranean.

The trainee officer finished a training drill at a mock-up base in Cyprus before her ship headed to the coast of Libya to combat Colonel Gaddafi’s forces.

Since then, Apache helicopters have been flying missions from HMS Ocean over the North African country.

Miss Perris said: ‘The drills are a great challenge and show us the range of skills we might need with the Royal Navy. We played a role in a night-time Marine commando raid which showed us how forces move from the sea on to the land.’

She is spending 10 weeks with HMS Ocean as part of her training.

Since then the ship has been positioned in international waters off the coast of Libya to offer support to the coalition in enforcing the UN resolutions against Colonel Gaddafi’s regime.