Royal wedding party will be twice the fun

PARTY ON Residents of St Ronan's Avenue in Southsea plan a double celebration.    Picture: Ian Hargreaves (110251-3)
PARTY ON Residents of St Ronan's Avenue in Southsea plan a double celebration. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (110251-3)

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NEIGHBOURS in a Southsea street will have twice the fun when they throw a street party on Prince William’s wedding day.

For the event on April 29 in St Ronan’s Avenue will be a double celebration marking two special occasions.

As well as celebrating the prince’s marriage to Kate Middleton, people will be marking the 100-year history of the street by receiving a book compiled by resident Liz Jones.

Liz, an amateur historian, is working on the book and has asked her neighbours and former residents to get in touch with her with memories or old photographs.

The knees-up comes as The News encourages people across the area to throw a street party for the Royal wedding.

Portsmouth City Council has set aside £10,000 to help pay for road closure orders and signs to help the parties go off safely.

Liz, 39, said: ‘We’re always doing things as a street and it was its 100th birthday last year.

‘When the Royal wedding was announced we decided we would hold a joint party to celebrate both occasions.

‘I want to put together a booklet for the party and am appealing for former residents to come forward and provide memories.

‘Being a residential road, it wasn’t photographed in the way that some of the main shopping streets were, so old photos are thin on the ground.

‘Photos don’t actually need to be of the road, they could be photos of relatives outside the house or someone getting a new car.

‘Any verbal memories of the street would be good too, I’m hoping to include these in the booklet for people to read. We have put up notices around the street, but we only have so many pictures that date further back.’

Liz, who works for social services, added: ‘I’ve always been interested in history and finding out about family history. I’ve only lived in this street for three years, but my husband Ian, has been here almost 14 years. I’ve researched my family tree and at first Ian wasn’t bothered, but he became interested when I started researching his as well. It then made me think I could look into the street’s past.’

To send your photographs or memories of St Ronan’s Road, email Liz on, or send them to 28 St Ronan’s Avenue, Southsea, PO4 0QE.

n If you’re planning a street party, call our newsdesk on (023) 9262 2118.