Runner takes on 30 marathons to help Portsmouth deaf charity

MARATHON MAN Rik Vercoe, centre, with children from The Elizabeth Foundation Sally
MARATHON MAN Rik Vercoe, centre, with children from The Elizabeth Foundation Sally

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MOST people would feel running one marathon was a big enough challenge to deal with.

But Rik Vercoe is taking on an astonishing 30 marathons in just six months in a mammoth fundraising drive for the Elizabeth Foundation, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The 40-year-old is supporting the Cosham-based charity which cares for young children with hearing loss.

Rik has been running one marathon every week since March. He started with the Brighton marathon and will finish with the New Forest marathon on September 25.

‘I just wanted to do something 30 times to mark the 30th anniversary,’ he said.

‘London was one of the highlights. I didn’t go as quickly as I would have liked but it’s such a great event. The atmosphere is always great.

‘I have met some really interesting people.’

Rik chose the Elizabeth Foundation as it is supported by The Listening Company, where he works in Portsmouth.

‘I just wanted to continue the fundraising that we have done as a business,’ he said.

‘I have been down there a number of times and met them and seen the children and families they have helped. They do a lot of good work.’

During the London marathon, Rik, who lives in Surrey, picked up an injury in his lower back and his pelvis and despite having treatment, he has continued to run.

‘Injury was always a concern but I would probably say I’m a little more pensive now than I was at the beginning,’ he said.

‘There was a certain degree of naivety. I didn’t have a huge concept of how big a challenge it was. Now, being halfway through it, I have got a lot more respect for it.

‘I picked up an injury in the London marathon. I had to ask the question of whether I did think I could do it then. It certainly hasn’t been plain sailing.’

Alison Robinson, from the Elizabeth Foundation, said: ‘It is amazing to think that Rik is running 30 marathons, over a period of just six months in celebration of our charity’s 30th Anniversary.’

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