Runners take on challenge for food bank

Fareham Crusaders will be running to boost the local food bank
Fareham Crusaders will be running to boost the local food bank
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MORE than 90 runners will take part in a food bank run to help their community.

Running group Fareham Crusaders have organised a race challenge to deliver items to a local food bank.

Group manager James Musselwhite said: ‘A lot of people give to food banks over Christmas because everyone feels good helping and so they are inundated with items.

‘But by the end of January they don’t have much and less people are giving so we wanted to plug that gap.’

The group will run 7.2 miles from Fareham Leisure Centre, outside the town cenre, to Holy Rood Church in Stubbington.

James said: ‘I think it is a sorry state of affairs and is so sad that in our country and in modern times that we have the need for food banks but we do.

‘I think the least we can do is give some items and you can fill a backpack with stuff for a fiver.’

The group meet twice a week and regularly do events for charity.

James said: ‘We are a social group and everyone is always positive and supportive of my ideas for charity and this one as well.’

The 39-year-old from Fareham added: ‘Anyone can come and run with us as well as long as they can run the distance with a backpack full of tinned cans!’

Runners should bring a backpack, headtorch and a shopping bag.

Backpacks can be filled with:

n Toiletries including deodorant, soap, toothpaste shaving gel and feminine products

n Household items including detergent and washing up liquid

n Baby supplies - nappies, baby wipes and baby formula (not formula milk)

n Nonperishable foods such as cereals, soup, pasta, biscuits and tinned fruit.

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